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RA Resident Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The company itself is a joke, poor management !!! The only good thing their is the night crew they are wonderful people who make the job fun and exciting."

Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"Everyone SEEMS nice. But that’s not the case, favoritism plays a huge role here. COVID is rampant due to poor infection control. Good luck getting help from management- if you can keep your job long enough for them to actually acknowledge you. Cons: Everything"

Certified Nurse's Aide (Former Employee) says

"Awful to work for. They do have some good coworkers but then you have some that don’t do a fdamn thing. Upper management is terrible. Some nurses don’t do anything."

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. It is frequently infested with bedbugs. Lazy and incompetent people get rewarded while hard working people get multiple write ups. Scheduling is terrible. Facility frequently overhires people. Management shows much favoritism. Aides and staff nurses work endlessly while supervisors sit around and pick at people. nothing good to say about this place. People that posted good reviews have to be management employees"

Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"in this year they have had 3 new D.S.D.s and 3's complete chaos."

Dietary Aide (Former Employee) says

"Donnot work here bad management high turn over old heads run good hard working people away long hours pick up hours no incentive just the attitude just do it it different strokes for different focks. Cons: Everything bout this place a joke"

Clinical Director (Former Employee) says

"Non-supportive work environment. All decisions made by corporate, not at the site level. DON cared only for her status and did nothing to coach or mentor her unit managers. Cons: IPoor management"

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) says

"I worked at Kingston in 2016 for 3.5 months and had to leave the company due to scheduling issues once a new DON came into position. I worked there again and was hired in September of 2018 and worked there until April of 2019. I had to find other employment again due to scheduling. New DON and administrator. They bully you around and give you a schedule that you can’t work and then you have to find another job. I worked out a 2 week notice and then was told that they wouldn’t pay me for vacation time that I earned as an employee because I didn’t work there for 12 months. I worked there this time for 8 months and they knew if they changed my schedule to something I couldn’t work and not offer me an alternative that I would have to quit and they would get out if paying me for vacation time that I worked hard for. I wouldn’t recommend this company to road kill. They also have management staff and people in corporate put up reviews and say what a wonderful place it is to work for but they don’t even take care of the residents. The management staff only likes you if you kiss up to them. They offer the people that they like schedules to accommodate their lives but everyone else is just beneath their standards. No use talking to Corporate office either because they won’t help you. Every thing I did for this company and that’s how I’m treated. People should know the truth about Kingston before they apply for a job there. They put you through orientation and tell you what A great company it is and how everyone communicates and gets along. Once you start there your under their radar and Cons: Poor management unless you like to pucker up"

STNA/CNA (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. It is frequently infested with bedbugs. Lazy and incompetent people get rewarded while hard working people get multiple write ups. Scheduling is terrible. Facility frequently overhires people then cuts your hours. You come in to work to see home if no call offs on schedule. Management shows much favoritism. Aides and staff nurses work endlessly while supervisors sit around and pick at people. nothing good to say about this place. People that posted good reviews have to be management employees Cons: Every thing"

LPN (Former Employee) says

"Management will lie to your face and talk about you to other staff. The Administrator, DON and ADON Are big jokes. Always short staffed they talk down to you. Worst job to ever have. If you get a vacation they will schedule you to work 1 day in the middle of it and not care . BUT the management gets their vacation and no interruptions. My advice don’t waste your time applying. Cons: Management"

Charge Nurse LPN (Former Employee) says

"Most of the staff at this company were not team players and ate their young. the nurse to patient ratio was dangerous at any given shift and you were expected to work it with no issues."

STNA (Current Employee) says

"The Administrator is horrible and does not care about the employees or the patients. She is there only for a pay check. It is very sad that they care about the skilled patients more than their long term patients. The management staff degrade employees and treat them like they are worthless. This is not the place that it use to be 10 years ago when I had a family member work here. The management staff cared about all of the employees no matter what their title was."

Lpn (Former Employee) says

"Understaffed the majority of the time. When the pt census is low they cut everyone's hours imcluding social services, house keeping and activities. There is not a large staff so you have to beg for a vacation months in advance only to be told you need to find your own coverage, and if you request your weekend to work off, you have to make up your weekend on your weekend off. According to the other reviews this place is "stress free and management pitches in" this is a lie and clearly written by the admin staff to get people to work here. (There is very few people who apply here and those that do get hired typically leave after two days into their orientation.) Management never pitches in and does nothing but ride the Lpns all day telling them they need to do more and more work. You can be totally swamped and they will still hand you work at your med cart that a previous shift did not complete. The place has simple things like wash cloths or wound care supplies unavailable at times. Some of the cnas have serious attitude issues, when you reprimand them the admin tells the Lpns to play nice and smooth things over because they have no one else to work. They pay 20 bucks an hour ( Lpn) with no shift dif and no holiday pay. If you don't work 40hrs in a week you will not get the over time for a 16hr shift. There are better places out there don't waste your time."

State Tested Nurse Aide (Former Employee) says

"The place was ok to work at, but the high school BS that went on and the backstabbing were too much. The management was some of the worst I have seen. Overall, it was not a good place to work."

Ashamed to state (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Kingston in Sylvania, at first I thought it was going to be a great place to work. The management and corporate staff lie and stab people in the back! The business office over charges patients and families, also puts charges on bills for supplies not even used on the patient. So if the family does not ask questions on charges, they never know. The care for patients is sad!! The only thing Kingston cares about is their name and trying to make themselves look good by being involved in the community and having nice furniture. You have to wonder why a corporate office manager got demoted to the business office?! Its sad knowing all of the neglect the patients get and management does not care. Sad te management and corporate office lie and scam hundreds of families and patients for money! I pray on day they will crash and pay for all that they do! Cons: the whole place, staff, management & corporate office"

STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) says

"I was employed with kingston for about 4 months. the beginning, when i was training, was great! however, once i was done training, it got progressively worse. i remember when i first started, i was way too excited to go into work every night. that changed as the real management issues began to surface. the scheduler played favorites and was honestly just bad at her job. we were always short people and the people that were there were placed stupidly. it was not uncommon to have over 20 residents to yourself at one time, to make things worse, they didn’t even keep you in the same spot so you could get to routine of the absurd amount of residents that you had down. no, they move you all around so you continuously have to spend the first few hours of the shift learning everyone and the ris was rarely up to date. when you get done training, they’ll place you in a hall you rarely trained on, typically the biggest and heaviest hall. you’re constantly scrambling and stressed at this job, this is due to poor management and scheduling. if you bring up an issue to the DON or the scheduler, you’ll be invalidated and pushed aside. not to mention the nurses and some aids are incredibly catty and inappropriate. the nurses will sit behind the nurses station talking about how Kingston hires nothing but “carpet munchers” then go on about specific people. ALL NIGHT LONG. but then will tell you they’re “too busy” to give someone a tylonal and just tell them that they’re at lunch right now. the nurses never ever help with anything, they’re “above aid work” and they will often try and get you to"

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Staff very underpaid for the work they do. Hired aides that had no experience which lead to poor customer service for the residents. Poor management, they pick and choose favorites. When you try to put your two weeks in at the facility they try and bully you into staying. Not enough aides for the amount of residents, so they could not give the quality care the residents deserve."

STNA (Former Employee) says

"The management staff is unprofessional. When I first started out I had to have my TB test done which they lost so then I had to go and have it done again. The lady who did the scheduling had me listed on the third shift schedule even though I came in at 3 AM. The other nurses aids were rude and made fun of and complained about having to take care of the patients that they were being paid to"

Administrative role (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and poor staffing. Residents not cared for as they should be. Poor treatment of staff. Management shows favoritism. Poor raise structure."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"not a good place to work , upper bosses don't care for anyone below them , very fake bosses !!!!! the workers do a good job , but don't get rewarded for the hard work"

Former Employee - Shipping Clerk says

"I worked at Kingston Technology full-time for less than a year Cons: Management chinese virus mexicans vietnames"

Former Employee - Database Administrator says

"I worked at Kingston Technology full-time for more than a year Cons: Fully monopolized by poor technical management. Entire team works on the updated database management because they don’t want to learn or update their outdated skills so that the process of database is ineffective and inefficient. They prefer doing work manually not automatically. Lots of politics. No team communications but lots of lies and take credit from your hard work."

Former Employee - Administrator says

"I worked at Kingston Technology full-time for more than a year Cons: Negative culture - Lots of lying and back stabbing amongst coworkers. Extremely outdated data system. Lack of training and processes. No teamwork. Insecure managers that lie, back stab their subordinates, and name throwing to get their way. These same bad managers are dictating their subordinates every action and making unethical requests. Managers are unprofessional, inexperienced, and clueless. Some managers have no college education, can barely communicate properly, write complete sentences, or understand customer emails. They don’t care about your happiness or how hard you work. They’re unappreciative and only care that they look good to their manager. Lots of covering up from upper management because they don’t want to deal with any issues."

Former Employee - Staff Accountant says

"I worked at Kingston Technology full-time for less than a year Cons: They wanted us to work on a Saturday and not pay us. They wanted the two temps to compete for one position; neither one of us got the job. We also worked overtime and weren't paid."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Kingston Technology full-time for more than 3 years Cons: A lot of unqualified people in strategic positions because they are related to family or were hired because they are friends with family. There are a lot of very arrogant managers and they all hang around with each other and gossip about everyone else. There is a lot of favoritism too. If you are younger, there are nice advantages since the company is hiring a lot of young people to counter balance most of the employees there that have been there forever! Not a "cool" company to work at, but a really good one. There seems to be a lot of nice people, but some old timers who don't see happy, but I don't know why. It is a private company and they can get away with anything. I get great bonuses because I play the game and boost my managers ego. All the managers are family, so there is no use to try and argue with them. If you just go there to work, you will be fine. Very easy work and even the managers work very light hours. Have heard of top management team doing things that would land them in jail at any public companies, but seems as if it is accepted here, it is so weird. I am shocked at how successful they are when so many basic things are broken."

Senior Quality Inspector says

"I have been working at Kingston Technology for more than 10 years Cons: Too many people don't have certified finish college or University when they get hire supervisor or Manager that why company alway slowdown ."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I worked at Kingston Technology full-time for less than a year Cons: I was hired on temporarily - was told that it could lead to something permanent. Everyone was friendly at first and kept telling me what a great job I was doing. Later, when the critical stage of my project was completed I noticed I was no longer being given a chance to continue learning how to perform other daily tasks that I had requested to be taught, and told previously that I would have a chance with. I wanted to find better ways to integrate myself within the department by expanding beyond the duties I was initially hired for in hopes of being hired permanently. But soon I realized they had no intention of letting me grow (this meant they would have to pay me more). Total politics and mind games, I was finally let go. But I'm not the only one - good workers let go meanwhile people with little experience and who are lazy get hired just because they know someone. Never again - WORST PLACE I'VE EVER WORKED IN."

Former Employee - AR Accounting Latin America says

"I worked at Kingston Technology full-time for less than a year Cons: the AR accounting department has high turnover. The accounting department is known as the worst department in the company."

Former Employee - Sales Account Manager says

"I worked at Kingston Technology full-time for more than a year Cons: - Horrible work environment - They took advantage of your ideas - Not open to change - No sales training - Horrible presentations - Bad Latam management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Kingston Technology full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Sometimes workload is extreme. Leaving early when work is finished for the day is heavily frowned on. Sometimes you cannot take time off if you’re sick because of the heavy workload. Quarterly bonuses used to justify lower base pay. Certain departments are reluctant to hire additional people to spread workload."

Robin says

"I ordered some RAM and it was lost in transit. Despite accepting that the item had been lost, Kingston flat out refused to provide a refund, claiming it was my responsibility and forcing me to reclaim the money back from them through my card provider. It took two and half months to do this. Utterly appalling service from a terrible company and I'll never use them again."

Benji says

"I have had 3 different Kingston products and all of them are working poor or failed. Once I bought a Kingston SSD and after a month, the drive failed. I wrote to Kingston and support wanted me to send in the product which I did and they gave me a new SSD, but with a lower storage. After some time, this also broke. I did do some research online about Kingston SSD and clealy many other people had bad experience with Kingston SSD. I bought a Kingston 64 GB USB key and this one has a high speed write and read, but this type of USB key also cost a lot of money. I realized immediately, that the read and writing speed was 10 times lower than they promised. My overall read and write speed was at 29 MByte/s, on their tech data support, they promise speed at 250-300 MByte/s and this never actually happened. I bought another 256 GB USB (HyperX Savage - USB flashdrive - 256 GB) key and this also have had slow speed around 18-28 Mbyte/s. This is very slow. I tested those USB key on a desktop computer with Windows 7, though a USB 3.1 port. I also have 2 different laptops and both are running windows 10 and has USB 3.1 port. I have formatted the USB keys properly, I have been looking for a proper driver, etc. It seems like with all the troubleshooting attempt, nothing worked, I ended up buying very expensive USB keys and they are not working according to their manipulating data sheet. My conclusion, is that I have had enough of Kingston and I also recommend other buyers not to buy anything with Kingston, their products are too expensive and seems like in a low quality as well. I will never buy anything from Kingston."

PC Setups says

"After less than a year, my Kingston ssd failed, but this is not where I had a major problem. My problem was when I filed an RMA request, and after saying they would answer within 2 days, it has been 5, and they never responded to my second email either even though apparently they are supposed to provide "immediate assistance". I still have yet to get a response."


"average price is much higher then in most other online store kingston product"

Tom L. says

"Do not count on their warranty for SD cards. Stated lifetime warranty requires you to spend many days and jump thru many hoops to get a replacement for defective cards. After five emails I am only 1/2 thru the replacement process for a $10.99 card. I have many Kingston products and now wish I had none. I am giving up on getting a replacement, they have beaten me, I give. Terrible company to deal with, will go with San disk from now on."

Lena Kiran says

"Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 128Gb - worst write speed ever."

Ben says

"Had to RMA a keyboard from them last year, which was a nightmare in itself. Shane in particular was incredibly rude and unhelpful. Replacement keyboard has also developed a fault. Poor QC and poor PR. Avoid."

Tino Baricic says

"bad customer support and bad software only can be downloaded from microsoft store never again."

The Meister says

"At first, I ordered a headset by mistake and tried to cancel it. Didn't work. They only got back to me on my email that I would like to cancel said order a whole hour after it shipped, even though I sent the email days before. On the other hand, I was excited to get a brand new wired/wireless Bluetooth headset, but the headset came with a defect and I had to send it back. They arbitrarily decided to make it a "warranty service" even though I've sent emails stating that I'd rather take the refund, yet they have yet to respond to that at all. If they actually do accept my refund request, I'll still be livid. Worst experience I've ever had with a company. I can't speak for Kingston as the product they sent me was defective, but at least Amazon sends quality goods and responds immediately to something like this. The reason I tried to cancel my order in the first place was because I realized I could order it on Amazon which had a better deal and shipping policy. Personally, I found this to be a waste of my time and money. Never purchasing something from this company again. Not directly at least."

3KingJake says

"What a $*it show!!! Been trying to buy my son some Hyper X cloud 2's for over a month now and they can't even process the order! How hard is it for a father to order his son a headset and they can't even get that right!!! I'm sure if I would have ordered from NewEgg I wouldn't have had any issues. But it's been over a month now and they still haven't processed my order yet they keep on charging my card every week. Incompetence at it's best! Unbelievable! I do not recommend ordering from the Kingston website, just order from Newegg or Best Buy or whoever because it will be less headaches and at least whoever you ordered something for will get it. My son is still waiting on his headset. Thanks for Nothing Kingston!!!"

Joel James says

"Although I do like some of their products Kingston (and their hyperx stores) have absolutely terrible customer service. My experience with them: They've taken a considerable amount of money from my account for an order, 4 days later I enquire into the status of the order as there has been no dispatch notification but the money has left my bank account. A short while after I enquire I get an email saying my order has been canceled as there has been an "issue taking payment", and that a refund will be issued. Problem is I have to wait an undisclosed amount of time for my refund. Luckily I have funds besides, but some people don't have extra cash lying around, and they'd be forced to wait for the refund to process before they could buy the thing they originally wanted/payed for. TLDR: Basically, avoid Kingston/hyperx services like the plague. Some of their products are good. Their services are almost criminal."

Julijan Andjelic says

"Their RAM memory is good and reliable, but I am never buying another keyboard from this brand. Bought a $100 mechanical keyboard, didn't use it for a day when I started experiencing key chattering/bounce. The metal body when touched often will give you an electric shock."

Rachel McGarrah says

"ONLY reason I am giving this company 2 stars is because the headphones work and my husband likes them. I am 100% disappointed in this company and how my product was delivered to my doorstep. The box was so destroyed that the headphones were exposed and the ear piece was slightly damaged. Luckily my husband was able to fix the earpiece and wanted to keep the headphones. Does not make me any less happy about how my SIXTY DOLLAR headphones were shipped to me. I will not be purchasing anymore items from this company."

Stathis A. says

"Kingston USB sticks are not known for their speed but at least it's steady, and they are durable."

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